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The Best Smart Kitchen Faucets of 2022

The best smart kitchen faucets provide convenience and help you save water. In this guide, we look at the different smart kitchen faucets you can buy in 2022 and important features to look for. A lot of people think that upgrading their kitchen is going to be a very expensive process. But ...

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Alexa (2022)

Looking for the best smart ceiling fans that you can control with your voice? Look no further than our top picks for the best smart ceiling fans with Alexa. From sleek and modern designs to traditional and rustic styles, there's a fan for everyone.  And with features like remote control, ...

The Disadvantages of Smart Door Locks

Despite the many advantages that smart door locks offer, there are also a number of disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing one. These include the risks and limitations associated with the technology, as well as the costs and inconvenience of using it. Smart door locks can ...

How Do Ecobee Sensors Work?

Have you ever wondered how those little ecobee sensors work? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at how ecobee remote sensors and smart sensors work, and how you can use them to save energy and money. Introduction to Ecobee Smart Sensors Ecobee sensors, known ...

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Robot Vacuum?

Are you considering purchasing a robot vacuum, but not sure when the best time to do so is?  The best time to buy a robot vacuum is early spring; from late February to May. This is the best time of the year to invest in a robot vacuum as the weather warms up and most people are planning ...