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The Best Smart Mugs in 2022

The demand for smart devices that improve our daily lives has never been higher, and smart mugs are no exception. With the best smart mugs, you can forget about cold coffee drinks. While many of us start the day with a cup of coffee, most coffee drinkers would agree that coffee does not taste ...

What is a Smart Microwave and How Does it Work?

A smart microwave is similar to any other microwave that you’ve used before, but connects to your home WIFI network and can be integrated with smart technology like voice assistants. Besides being able to heat your food, a smart microwave has additional features that will help save time and ...

How do Smart Blinds Work? Are They Worth It?

Smart blinds are a new kind of window covering designed to help you save money on your energy bills and ensure that your home stays at the right temperature, even when you’re not there to control it directly.  They are also known as automatic blinds, smart shades or automated blinds ...

How to Use Alexa to Control Lights

Using Alexa, you can turn lights on and off in your home with your voice. Here's how to set it up. The Alexa voice assistant can do a lot more than just tell you what the weather is, set timers, and play music. With a couple more accessories, you can set up Alexa to turn lights on and off ...

The Best Smart Shower Systems 2022

What is a smart shower system and how does it work?Benefits of having a smart showerThe Best Smart Shower Systems ReviewedMoen TS3302TB Smart ShowerKOHLER K-527-1CP DTV Prompt Digital ShowerKOHLER K-528-K1-NA DTV+ Digital Two-Port Thermostatic ValveELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower ...

What is the Difference Between Alexa and Echo?

Many people have been asking about Echo and Alexa and whether those are synonymous or are different products. So, what’s the difference between Alexa and Echo? Alexa is Amazon's voice-activated virtual assistant software, while Echo is Amazon’s proprietary device that runs on Alexa's ...

How to Go Into Super Alexa Mode in Seconds

Today we're going to answer one of the questions we get a lot: What is super Alexa mode? We are also going to give you a little bit of brief history about the origins of this secret code and how you can activate it on your Alexa device. What is Super Alexa Mode? Super Alexa mode is a ...

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