How Long Does It Take to Charge a Ring Battery

Whether you’re a new or seasoned user, knowing how to charge your Ring battery properly is crucial for keeping your home security system up and running.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of charging your Ring battery, including factors that affect its lifespan and tips for ensuring a full charge every time.

How long does it take to charge a ring battery?

The answer to how long it takes to charge a Ring battery depends on which model you have. The first thing you need to know is the type of battery your device uses. Some models use removable batteries, while others have built-in rechargeable ones.

For devices with removable batteries like the Ring Video Doorbell 2 or Spotlight Cam Battery, charging time can vary between 5 and 10 hours depending on factors such as weather conditions and usage patterns. If your device is exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy usage, it may take longer for the battery to charge fully.

On the other hand, if your device has a built-in rechargeable battery like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Stick Up Cam Battery, the charging time should be around four to six hours.

These models come with a micro-USB cable that easily connects them to any USB power adapter.

Regardless of which model you have, it’s important not to overcharge your Ring battery, as this may shorten its lifespan in the long run.

Always use an appropriate charger and follow manufacturer instructions carefully when charging your device.

How to charge a ring battery

If you’re wondering how to charge a ring battery, don’t worry – it’s a simple process.

Locate the charging port on your Ring device and plug in the included micro-USB cable.

Connect the other end of the cable to a power source, such as your computer or an outlet adapter.

Once plugged in, you should see a small LED light turn on near the charging port to indicate that the battery is charging. The time it takes to charge your Ring battery fully will depend on several factors, including its size and current charge level.

It’s important to note that using third-party chargers or cables can damage your Ring device and void its warranty. Stick with using only official Ring products for optimal performance.

Charging your ring battery is a straightforward process that anyone can do. Remember to use caution when handling electrical devices and follow manufacturer instructions closely.

What Affects Ring Rechargeable Battery Life?

The lifespan of your Ring battery depends on several factors. The frequency of use, the type of device you’re using with it, and environmental conditions all affect how long your battery will last.

One factor that can affect the life of your Ring battery is temperature. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, such as very hot or cold climates, this can significantly impact the performance and longevity of your battery.

Another factor is usage patterns. The more frequently you use your Ring device, the faster its battery will drain. Similarly, features like motion detection or live-streaming video can cause faster drainage.

Charging habits are also crucial for maintaining a longer-lasting battery life. It’s recommended to charge your Ring battery when running low rather than constantly topping it off at full capacity.

Batteries naturally degrade over time, regardless of usage patterns or charging habits.

However, by being mindful of these factors and adequately caring for your Ring device and its accompanying rechargeable batteries, you can help prolong its overall lifespan.

Tips for charging your ring battery

Here are some tips for charging your Ring battery to ensure it stays fully charged and ready to use whenever needed.

Firstly, always use the charger that came with your Ring device. Using a different charger may result in slower charging times or damage to the battery.

Secondly, make sure that your Ring device is turned off while charging. This will allow it to set faster and prevent any overheating issues.

Another tip is to avoid charging your Ring battery in extreme temperatures. High temperatures can cause the battery to degrade more quickly, so try to keep it in a cool place while charging.

It’s also important not to overcharge your Ring battery as it can damage the cells inside and reduce its lifespan. Once the battery is fully charged, unplug it from the charger promptly.

If you’re going away for an extended period and won’t be using your Ring device, leave the battery at around 50% charge. This will help preserve its longevity until you come back and start using it again.

Following these simple tips should help maximize the life of your Ring battery and ensure that it’s always ready when you need it most.


Charging your Ring battery doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Understanding how long it takes to charge and what factors can affect the battery life is crucial in ensuring your device stays powered up when needed.

Always use the correct charger for your device, avoid overcharging or undercharging, and store your battery at room temperature with a 50% charge if not in use for an extended period.


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