Why Is My Kwikset Smart Lock Not Unlocking

Are you frustrated because your Kwikset smart lock is not unlocking? Many people experience this problem with their smart locks, and it can be caused by a variety of reasons.

In this blog post, we will explore the different possible causes of why your Kwikset smart lock may not be unlocking and provide solutions to help you fix the issue.

Check the Batteries

The first thing you should check when your Kwikset smart lock is not unlocking is the batteries. If your batteries are running low, it may cause your lock to malfunction or not respond.

To check if the battery is running low, remove the cover from the back of the lock and check the battery life indicator. If it shows a flashing red light or other warning signs, it’s time to replace them.

When replacing batteries in a Kwikset smart lock, make sure that they are all facing in the correct direction and securely fitted into their compartments. This ensures proper contact points between each battery and maintains an uninterrupted power supply.

It’s essential only to use alkaline batteries for Kwikset locks as they provide longer-lasting power than other types, like rechargeable ones that tend to wear out faster.

Keep an eye on your smart lock’s battery level by checking its indicator regularly and replacing old batteries before they run out completely. This will help to ensure that your Kwikset Smart Lock runs smoothly at all times.

Check the Connection

If your Kwikset smart lock is not unlocking, its connection is one of the first things to check. A weak or faulty connection can cause problems with your lock’s performance, so it’s important to ensure everything is connected correctly.

Start by checking the Wi-Fi signal strength in the area where your lock is located. Ensure that no obstructions are blocking the signal and that you are within range of a strong, stable Wi-Fi network.

Next, ensure that both ends of cables connecting your lock to other devices or systems are securely fastened and undamaged. Check for fraying wires or loose connections, as these can interrupt communication between components.

You should also ensure your lock is properly set up and connected to other devices like smartphones and home automation systems. If not, consult the user manual or online resources to connect everything.

Check the Deadbolt

The deadbolt is a critical component of your Kwikset smart lock. If it’s not functioning correctly, you may experience issues with unlocking the door. To check the deadbolt, you should first inspect its physical condition.

Ensure the deadbolt is aligned properly and no obstructions prevent it from moving freely. Next, try to move the bolt manually by turning the thumb turn or using a key.

If you notice that the movement is stiff or difficult, lubricate the mechanism with graphite powder or silicone spray before testing again. It’s also worth checking if any screws have come loose in the latch and strike plate, as this can cause misalignment.

Test your lock using an electronic keypad code and a physical key to ensure consistent operation between entry methods. If problems persist after checking for these issues with your deadbolt, contact Kwikset customer support for further assistance.

Try a Hard Reset

If you’ve checked the batteries and connection of your Kwikset smart lock, but it still won’t unlock, then a hard reset might be the solution.

A hard reset is essentially like restarting your computer when it’s not functioning properly. It clears any temporary glitches or errors causing issues with your lock.

Locate the small button on the device’s back panel to perform a hard reset on your Kwikset smart lock. Press and hold this button for 30 seconds until you see flashing lights indicating that the device has been reset.

After a hard reset, try unlocking your Kwikset smart lock again to see if it works properly. If not, another issue may be at play, and further troubleshooting or contacting customer support may be necessary.

Remember to always consider safety measures before attempting any repairs on electronic devices such as locks.

Check for an Update

Checking for updates is one of the easiest ways to fix a Kwikset smart lock that won’t unlock. Software updates are essential for security and functionality on all electronic devices.

First, download the Kwikset App from your app store to check for an update and ensure your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Connect to your Kwikset smart lock through the app and click “Device Settings”. From there, scroll down until you see “Firmware Version” and click on it.

The app will then automatically check for any updates for your smart lock. If an update is available, follow the prompts to install it onto your device.

It’s important to note that updating can take some time, so be patient during this process. Once completed, test your lock again to see if it unlocks properly.

Get a New Lock

If none of the previous steps have worked, it may be time to consider getting a new lock. This can often seem like an extreme solution, but sometimes it is necessary when dealing with smart locks.

However, it would be best if you considered some things before deciding to purchase a new lock.

First, check your Kwikset Smart Lock warranty. If so, contact Kwikset for replacement or repair.

Before buying a new lock, decide whether to stick with the same brand or try something new. Sticking with Kwikset may be familiar and easy to install (since you won’t need additional hardware), but trying another brand may offer better features.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to get a new lock depends on how much frustration and inconvenience your current one is causing you.

For peace of mind and security, consider buying a new smart lock if troubleshooting fails.


A Kwikset Smart Lock not unlocking can be frustrating, but several possible solutions exist before replacing the lock altogether.

Checking the batteries and connection, ensuring the deadbolt is properly aligned, attempting a hard reset, and checking for updates are all simple steps that may resolve the issue.

If none of these solutions works or your lock is outdated, it may be time to invest in a new one. Always prioritize security when choosing a smart lock and consider compatibility with your home automation system and ease of use.


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