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How to Make a Ceiling Fan Smart

We all know that ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But did you know that there are now ceiling fans that can be controlled by your smartphone or voice assistant?  That’s right, you can now get a ceiling fan that will turn on and off, change ...

Can You Connect Google Home to Homekit?

If you're considering purchasing a Google Home device, you may be wondering if you can connect Google Home to Apple's Homekit platform. While Google Home doesn't natively support Homekit, there are still some ways that you can connect the two platforms. Many home owners want the convenience ...

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What is Home Automation and what are some benefits?

Home automation allows homeowners to control their homes remotely, at whatever time they like. This can save energy, money, and the environment.
With increasing digitalization, home automation has become a widely used home management technology.
There are many benefits of home automation including: Security, energy efficiency, convenience and increased productivity.