How to Program Tru Bolt Electronic Deadbolt

Are you tired of fumbling with keys whenever you come home? The Tru Bolt Electronic Deadbolt is popular among homeowners who value convenience.

It offers a secure and convenient way to access your home without worrying about losing or forgetting your keys. 

But how do you program this electronic deadbolt? In this blog post, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about programming Tru Bolt Electronic Deadbolt so you can enjoy the benefits of keyless entry in no time

Step One: Remove the Battery Cover

1. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws from the back of the doorknob.

2. Carefully pull the back cover off, being careful not to lose the small spring that may be attached to it.

3. Set the cover and screws aside. You should now see the batteries and circuit board.

Step Two: Insert Batteries

If your Tru Bolt Electronic Deadbolt doesn’t come with batteries, insert four AA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment on the underside of the deadbolt.

If it did come with batteries, skip to the next section.

Step Three: Replace the Battery Cover

Make sure the cover is properly aligned before screwing it in place. Use the screws that came with your new cover to secure it in place.

Step Four: Press and Hold the Program Button

If you’re programming the Tru Bolt electronic deadbolt for the first time, you must press and hold the program button.

This can be found on the back of the door handle. Once you’ve located it, press and hold the button for five seconds. After that, the LED light will turn green, indicating that the programming mode is active.

Step Five: Enter a Four-Digit Code

Assuming you have followed the previous steps correctly, programming your new code should be a breeze. 

With the door open, enter your four-digit code on the keypad and press the “enter” or “return” button. You will then see a green light on the keypad, indicating that your new code has been successfully programmed!

Step Six: Press the # button

If you are programming the deadbolt to work with your existing door hardware, press the small black button on the back of the interior assembly. 

Once you have pressed this button, enter your 4-8 digit code on the keypad and press the “#” button. The light on the keypad will turn green to indicate that the code has been accepted.

Step Seven: Re-enter Your Code

If the light is still red, re-enter your code. If you have forgotten your code, you can reset it by pressing the button on the back of the lock.

Step Eight: Test the Lock

1. Test the lock to ensure that it is functioning properly.

2. If the lock does not operate correctly, check the batteries and make sure they are properly installed.

3. If the batteries are installed correctly, and the lock still does not operate, contact customer service for assistance.


Programming your Tru Bolt electronic deadbolt is an easy and efficient way to secure your home. With just a few simple steps, you can easily lock and unlock the door using either the keypad or a programmed code. 

The included manual offers clear instructions on how to set up and program the lock, making it well worth looking into if you require a reliable security system for your home.

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