How to Go Into Super Alexa Mode in Seconds

Today we’re going to answer one of the questions we get a lot: What is super Alexa mode?

We are also going to give you a little bit of brief history about the origins of this secret code and how you can activate it on your Alexa device.

What is Super Alexa Mode?

Super Alexa mode is a fun cheat code that was invented originally for video games back when Nintendo was really popular. It was called the Konami code. Konami was a popular video game developer at the time and they developed this cheat code that basically gave you unlimited lives in a couple of different games.  

Super Alexa mode plays homage to Konami’s cheat codes. I’ll show you exactly what Super Alexa mode does, despite many people worrying it might harm or break their Alexa. But just to be clear, super Alexa mode does not hurt anything and it is not dangerous.  

A lot of people worry about it and ask questions like: “My kid put Alexa in the super Alexa mode what’s going to happen? or how do I get super Alexa mode off? 

Don’t worry, you cannot break the Alexa device with this super Alexa mode, it’s just a fun little feature that you can use.  

How to Go into Super Alexa mode

So how do you activate Super Alexa mode? To go into super Alexa mode, say “Alexa, Up, Up, Down, Down,  Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.” 

Once the sentence is uttered, Alexa’s response will go something like this:

“Super Alexa mode activated. Starting Reactors, online. Enabling advanced systems, online. Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.”

Then Alexa goes quiet. This implies that Super Alexa Mode cannot activate without finding the missing dongers, which is additionally an inside joke for gamers.

Note: Alexa says the voice command in the order in which you must press the buttons on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller to activate the cheat code in certain video games. The response is not usually directed towards a specific game or meme.  

What Can you do with Super Alexa mode?

A Nintendo Entertainment System controller

Super Alexa mode hack was developed to pay homage to Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the inventor of the original Konami code. It was meant as an inside joke for gamers and as a bit of nostalgia for the games from their childhood. It made the players think they are discovering something that is more profound, almost like an Easter egg.  

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